Romans 8:29; Luke 6:40

‘Growing up into Christ’ as our focus, does not come effortlessly. Laziness, unplanned and ‘I don’t carism’ attitudes are all enemies to growth, personal or otherwise. Desire, determination, diligence and discipline are the four D’s required for such growth. Becoming a disciple of Christ is imperative for a full manifestation of Him.

‘Discipleship is the ship that takes the willing volunteer or apprentice across the oceans of the natural lifestyle.’

Discipleship is a life-long process, a systematic and cummulative way of making a student (a trainee, ‘a raw material’ a disciple); to be like his master, and in this case, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • There should be a master/student relationship
  • It starts with new birth without which you cannot be a disciple.
  • One needs to deliberately yield to discipleship; Matthew 11:28-30

Every disciple must be tied down for the Master’s use. (Being ready at all times to be called upon for the Master’s use); Mark 11:1-3

Discipleship is not an event. It is a process which cannot be completed once you are living.

As servants of Christ, we cannot be anything less or more than Him. ‘To be Him’, lets learn to be His disciples through the application of every word of His. In this way, we will resemble Him and hence be able to complete His assignment for us on earth and in the end be able to say like Paul in 2 Tim. 4:7-8;I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith …


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